Adult Soccer League of Simi Valley

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Frequently Asked Questions & League Details
Q: What are the age requirements to play in this league?
A: You must be 18 years old AND out of high school.
Q: Where does this league play?
A: All games are at the soccer fields at Rancho Santa Susana Park in Simi Valley (5005 E Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93063).
Q: What days and times are the games?
A: Games are on Sundays at 9am, 11am, or 1pm.
Q: How long is the season?
A: The season starts in September and usually goes to March or April depending on how many rain-outs / makeup games there are.
Q: How can I register to play?
A: A player MUST be placed on a team BEFORE he / she can register.   Please submit a request with your contact information and preferred position via the website or send an email to the league at [email protected].  The league will try their hardest to find a team to place you on.  Once you are placed on a team, then the Team Manager will assist you with the registration process.
Q: What are the fees?
A:  There is a $22.50 Cal South registration fee plus your team fees.  The team fees might differ from each team so please consult with the Team Manager for those details.
Q: Can I bring a new team to play in the league?
A:  OF COURSE!  If you would like to register as a new team, please submit a request via the website or send an email to the league at [email protected].  A Board Member will work with you directly on those details regarding your eligibility for the current season or upcoming season (depends on how far into the current season the league is).
Q: Does each team have to bring a printed Game Sheet and Player ID cards to every game?

A: YES!  A Game Sheet and Player ID cards are REQUIRED for every game.  If an illegal player is caught playing in a game, then the game will count as a forfeit and you will pay back the ref fees ($60) to the other team. In addition to the ref fee penalty and the game being a forfeit, the score will stay the same at the end of the game for the team playing fair so they can keep the goals / points.

Q: How long are the games?
A:  The games are 90 minutes long with 45 minute halves and 10 minutes for half-time.
Q: Does the league play in the rain?
A: Typically no, and that decision is up to the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District.  Please consult with your Team Manager on any game cancellations due to weather.  Also, the  Field Condition Line is 805-584-4413.
Q: What are the uniform requirements?
A:  Each team is required to have a primary jersey (t-shirts, tank tops, etc.) with numbers on the back and a set of alternate jerseys of the opposing color from the primary jerseys.  For example, Blue as primary and White as alternate.
Q: Is there any soccer equipment that we need to bring?
A:  The league provides the goals, nets, and corner flags.  The Home Team is required to provide three (3) game balls, however.
Q: Are there unlimited substitutions?
A: Yes.  Substitutions are allowed on any dead ball.
Q: Is slide tackling allowed?
A: Only the Women's League allows slide tackling if BOTH teams agree to this before the start of the game.