Adult Soccer League of Simi Valley

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Adult Soccer League Of Simi Valley

Constitution-ByLaws-Rules And Regulations


 Section 1

    All executive officers shall be elected by voting members at the General Meeting. They shall hold
    office for one (1) year and my be eligible for re-election. Members of standing committees shall be 
    appointed by the President, with approval of the Board of Directors.

 Section 2

    In the event of a vacancy, the Boards of Directors will select a replacement
Section 1 

    The officers of the LEAGUE shall have the responsibility and authority to enforce the                           constitution, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations.   

Section 2 
    The President, or Vice President in their absence, shall preside over all league meetings. The 
    President shall be an official member of all committees. The President shall cast only deciding
    votes at the meetings.
Section 3 

    The Vice President shall assist the President in executive duties of the LEAGUE. The Vice

    President shall succeed to the powers of and reside in the absence of the President. The                     Vice President shall automatically assume the presidency of the LEAGUE in the event the                   office becomes vacant.

    Other duties include:
  • Countersigning checks
  • Purchasing agent for the league
  • Responsible for all league equipment, inventory, and distribution
  • The field committee shall be responsible to ensure that the fields are marked. Shall ensure that the nets are erected and removed and the fields are in safe playing conditions. The committee shall ensure that fields are available for scheduled games and shall inform the Executive Committee in the event of necessary changes.

Section 4 

    The Secretary shall assist the Vice President in League matters as requested. 

    Other duties include:
  • Recording all minutes of leagues meetings
  • Attend to all correspondence
  • Maintain all league records, game cards, yellow / red cards, and prepare league scheduling and standings

Section 5 
    The Treasurer's duties include:
  • Originate and countersign all league checks
  • Have charge of all finances of the league and keep accurate account of all receipts and disbursements
  • Submit a report of the league finances at each Board of Directors meeting and at the request of the President
  • Submit a budget to the Board of Directors prior to the season
Section 1 
    The Board of Directors shall transact and approve business of the league; if shall have full power
    to enforce the Constitution, By-Laws, and Regulations.
Section 2 
    Board of Directors shall have the power to fill any vacancy arising among League officers.
Section 3 
    Board of Directors shall represent the league in all matters of a foreign nature.
Section 4 
    Board of Directors will determine the registration fees for the season.
Section 1
    The Team Managers will be held responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators.
Section 2 
    Payment of referee fees, unless the opposing team forfeits. In which case, the forfeiting team
    assumes the responsibility for all fees. In the event of a double forfeit, each team will be 
    responsible for their portion of the referee fees. No points will be awarded in the standing and no
    makeup games will be assigned.
Section 3 
    The Team Managers will be held responsible for notifying the League of any game forfeits.  There         will be no penalty if the League is notified by the Tuesday prior to the game AND there is no
    schedule gap.  If the League is notified after the required date and/or there is a schedule gap, then
    the forfeiting team assumes the responsibility for all fees.
   Section 4 
    The Home Team is responsible for providing three (3) game balls and alternate jerseys of an
    opposing color if the Away Team is wearing jerseys of a similar color.
   Section 1 
    Upon receiving a yellow card, it will be up to the referee's discretion should the player need to exit
    the game for at least five minutes.
Section 2 
    Upon receiving a red card, a player or spectator will automatically be 
    ineligible to attend or play in the next playable game. There shall be no appeal
Section 3 
    Players receiving a yellow card will be fined $10.00. Players receiving a red card will be fined
    $50.00. Two yellow card infractions in one game will result in a red card and a $50.00 fine. Each
    subsequent red card received is progressive and will double for each infraction. 
    Example: $50.00 = first, $100.00 = second, $200 = third, etc. 
    After the third red card, the player is suspended from the league for one calendar year. There shall       be no appeal.
Section 4 
    Any of the above penalites shall be carried forward to the next season if applicable.
Section 5 
    All red card fines are to be paid by the team manager, prior to player participating in any games.
    If fines are not paid as requested, the league reserves the right to impose an additional team
    fine, to be determined by the league board. This fine is to be paid by violating team(s).
Section 6 
    Failure to abide by any of the above penalties shall result in the forfeiture of the game(s) in
Section 1
    A player guilty of striking a referee will automatically be suspended from the league for life. The
    referee's report will be the document of record.
Section 2 
    A player that physically attacks or hits another player will automatically be suspended from the 
    league for a period of one (1) calendar year from the date of the infraction. The referee's report
    will be the document of record. Suspension will be determined by the disciplinary board.
Section 3 
    In the event any team is proven to the satisfaction of the ASLSV Board of Directors, to have been
    guilty of any violation of the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of misconduct, the Board of 
    Directors shall have the power to take appropriate disciplinary action against the offending team
    up to the removal from the league.
Section 4 
    A team playing with an ineligible player will forfeit any points earned from all games in which the
    ineligible player participated.
Section 5 
    Falsified registration documents will result in the player's banishment from the league for life
    (subject to board of appeal) and team forfeiture of all games in which the player has played.
Section 6 
    Failure to set up & take down field equipment when designated will result in a
    $25.00 fine to the offending team.
Section 7 
    Failure to provide three (3) game balls will result in a $25.00 fine to the home team.
   Section 8 
    Failure to provide alternate jerseys of an opposing color will result in a game forfeiture
    AND a $25.00 fine to the home team.